Happy November!


So, it’s been a while, yes?

November seems to be a month of change and reinvention in my life, and this year proves no exception! First, things have been churning around in this rusty brain of mine, and I thought perhaps Bookish Habits might have run its course in its current/past iteration. As such, I’ve decided to relaunch the blog as Read. Run. Breathe. I think it might be a little more representative of where I am and what I might post about. I hope you’ll stick around! There will still be many (and possibly mostly) bookish posts, but also some things about running, and other life things.

Moreover: I’m going through a(nother) major transition this month: New job! I’m currently wrapping up the ‘old’ position, which is proving more challenging than I had anticipated, but I am very hopeful that my new work-home will be a better fit.

More on that later! But not too much.

IMG_4268Also: The co-conspirator and I celebrated our 3rd official state-sanctioned anniversary.

And: This weird creature has been with us for 2 entire years this month

Also, never fear, I’ve read many books in the past couple months (um… by many I mean ~ 3 or so that I haven’t written about…) and hope to write up some bits soon. I’ve also run a couple of races, but I won’t bore you with those details so long after the fact.

IMG_4254Clearly the blogging muscle has atrophied slightly – hopefully we can rectify that with a little new life here. And I hope to be making the commenting rounds again at some point – it’s been way too long, I know.

Happy November!