Why We Need the Paycheck Fairness Act

The Paycheck Fairness Act is up for vote in the Senate this Friday – November 19 – and it hasn’t quite mustered the 60 votes needed for safe passage. Urge your senators to pass the act (unless, of course, you have a better tool for getting closer to gender parity in the workplace, or just […]

The Tyranny of Marriage

via Lara Pawson |  The Guardian: I had never considered how marriage would change my place in the world. Before we even tied the proverbial knot, I became swiftly aware of discrimination against wives. A job in journalism I was up for suddenly became unavailable: a female manager called to say that now I was […]

Born to Run

Born to Run

Having been laid up for a month with tendinitis caused me to shelf the book for a while because all you want to do while reading this is go out and run. I am very thankful for the minimalist shoe/barefoot running movement, since the lighter, thinner soled and more flexible shoes allow me to run […]